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As the image appeared on the back of the camera, a voice announced, “Gosh! That’s a brilliant photo, how did you manage that?”  “Cameras and Cake”, came the enigmatic reply.

This course was created for everyone who has ever said, ” I wish I knew how to use my camera better” OR ” How do I get off AUTO?”

Getting to grips with a new (or not so new!) camera is always exciting and frustrating in equal measure.  How do you get a child to really smile?  Where is the best place for photos outside, what happens if it’s raining?  What happens if I (gulp!) come off the AUTO button!?


That's a brilliant picture!

Take your photographs higher!
See more of this on the back of YOUR camera!

Our most popular course ‘Take Better Photographs’ helps you to do exactly that.  

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Take Better Photos On-line Photography Course

Have LOTS of fun with your course, you can always contact us if you have any queries.


  • It’s about the photos, NOT which camera you have or how much experience.

  • Covers ALL cameras from compacts to DSLR’s.

  • In depth information on using natural light.

  • Advanced techniques and information.

  • No ‘geek speak’!!

  • Each chapter has several detailed sections.

  • Quick Tips so you can get off to a fast start.

  • Advanced information.

  • Choose which chapter you do and when.

  • Learn how and when YOU want to.

  • Over 7 in-depth chapters.

  • A whole section on photo ideas for different ages and occasions.

  • Advanced information to get more out of your DSLR and also your compact camera which will have a surprising amount of similar functions!


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 What the course covers:

Lightning Fast Tips
The best photography tips ever
Quick Tips for using light
Quick! Focus.
Quick Composition
Quick tips for your DSLR
5 minutes of quirkyness
5 minute tidy up
Quick ideas for poses

Chapter 1
Focus and Composition
Quick! Focus Tips.
Well focused images
Great composition
Practice focus and composition techniques.

Chapter 2
How to access natural light outdoors
Time of day and weather conditions
Overcast days
Mid Morning
Mid-day – 2pm
Late afternoon light
Challenging light
How to access natural light indoors
Back lighting – step by step solutions
Artificial light
Dealing with shadows or harsh light
Practising with light
A walk in the woods
Fun photos at the beach

Chapter 3
Ditch The Auto Button
Quick tips for your DSLR
Good standard camera settings
Aperture and Depth of Field
Practise Aperture and depth of field
Exposure Compensation
Practise Exposure Compensation
Shutter Speed
White Balance

Chapter 4
Photo Ideas and Gallery
Babies under 3 months old
Babies 3 months plus
At school
Firsts and special occasions

Chapter 5
Be creative
Play with the settings
Still life
Creative Challenge Ideas

Chapter 6
From Camera to Computer
Filing your images
Backing Up
Display your photos!

Take that first exciting step towards taking better photos.  Then RELAX!!

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This site has a lot of great information.  Where do you start?

Well as you have a lifetime membership, you can use this course as quickly or as slowly as your free time allows.  It’s been designed to provide straightforward information in bullet point form for complete beginners.  For those of you with some or a lot of knowledge it will provide an excellent refresher as well as add plenty to your current photography skills.  The regular blog section will keep you up-to-date with ideas and some of the latest techniques.
We’d love to hear from you, and you can submit your latest masterpieces for us to admire on our facebook page.You can also check out our blog posts for some great free photography tips!