Photoshop Editing Course

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The art of producing a great photograph begins with your camera skills, this course then takes those skills to a more advanced level by demonstrating exciting and practical editing techniques guaranteed to add the real WOW factor to your images.

Studying using Photoshop but also showing how to adapt this knowledge to popular free on-line ‘pixlr’ program, it ensures everyone can maximise their photographs from day one.  Follow up videos form an intergral part of the course and weekly challenges will keep you on your toes.  BOOK YOUR PLACE on the Photoshop Fun with your  Photography Course




On this course you will learn:


  • Basic editing techniques: curves, layers, masks and levels
  • ‘Popping’ colour and Pop art techniques
  • Resizing
  • Portrait polishing – how supermodels never look like that in real life!
  • Cloning, healing and patching
  • Dodging and Burning
  • Creating and using actions for batches
  • Plus much more.

A closed, members only Pinterest board to upload their creations if they want to.

Whilst the course is structured to cover a broad range of techniques and information, I am able to adapt the course to suit everyone’s requirements to some extent as well, this will be covered in the booking details.

Technical/useful reference information will be provided including ideas to try out.  This is intended to be a very hands on course, so I will discuss the techniques and then everyone will have plenty of opportunity to put them into practise with my help and guidance.
The course  runs every Friday afternoon at Churcher’s College running 4.15 – 5.15.  A maximum of 10 per group. Open to all students from 4th year upwards inc. DofE students.

The full price of this single course is £100 per student payable directly to Tina Bolton Photography at Cameras and Cake training.

The course will start on Fri 12th September 2014 and will run for 12 sessions.

BOOK YOUR PLACE on the Photo Editing Photography Course

All indications are that this will be a popular course!

A brief background on Tina Bolton:

An award winning, Hampshire based professional photographer for over 10 years. Over the past 4 years I have written and provided basic and advanced photography workshops for schools, Guides and Hampshire County Council ( teaching teachers on techniques which can be used to enhance the curriculum at both junior and senior level). I hold training courses for people who wish to become professional photographers as well as for people who simply want to take better photographs.

I am also a parent at Churcher’s College.