This course will be launching in Mid 2015 – please use the sign up email on the right to be notified as to when we launch.


“You should start charging”  Is how it nearly always starts…could you really?  Will people ACTUALLY pay you?  If so , how much, what camera do I need?  The answers are in the Convert2Pro on-line course.


Convert 2 Pro  This is perfect for those who are considering a move into the professional world of photography.  It covers where to start, how to price your services, which equipment you really need and so much practical business information and resources that took years to learn and accumulate.

This workshop includes:

  • The full ‘Take Better Photos‘ course AND the ‘Editing School‘ course which quickly gets you started with Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Writing a business plan.
  • Build and present your portfolio.
  • Which equipment you REALLY need and where to buy them.
  • Marketing ideas including an annual plan for events.
  • Social media tips.
  • Guidance on pricing your products.
  • Help on building your client base.
  • Practical business essentials.
  • Information on who the industry suppliers are such as on-line proofing galleries, framers, album suppliers etc.
  • Ideas on how to direct your shoots and how to shoot outstanding images.
  • How to communicate and manage your client’s expectations.

All this on a Lifetime membership with no additional costs –  £499