Perfect Christmas Photos!

Christmas Holiday photo tips.

Children preparing and carefully placing the carrots, mince pies and cocoa out for Father Christmas, the expressions of delight as they open THAT present and Grandad asleep on the sofa after lunch! However, your day flows for you, try planning a little bit ahead (as you don’t have much else to do!!) so you take some fabulous photos this Christmas.


Even the dog can't escape!

Fun hats for everyone.

Tell a story

Here we get to pick our own tree
Place your subject off to one side, and have the surroundings in the background to 'tell the story'

Those gorgeous details

A helpful or hopeful boy!
The other shot is of the entire door with note, and the stocking hanging from the door knob waiting to be filled...

Snow White?

If you are lucky enough to have snow..
Snow will always come out grey and dull on auto settings, some compacts actually have a snow scene setting which is useful. If not, over expose your shot if possible.


Here are some tips for Christmas Eve and the day itself..

Make sure you have a clean memory card in your camera.

  • Make sure your batteries are either charged or fresh in the camera.
  • Think about what would make a lovely story especially if your children are at the age where they can prepare treats for Rudolph and Santa.
  • Rather than line them up in front of the fireplace or tree, have them closer to you and a small distance from the fireplace/tree etc. so that it’s a softer feature in the background.
  • Always get down to the children’s level to give it more impact from their point of view.
  • When shooting details, try to include a close up of them and a wider shot which shows the story in relation to your surroundings. E.g. close in on little hands putting the mince pies out and a wider shot of who’s doing it where.
  • I have always photographed the children’s letters to Santa with them proudly holding it up to the camera with a big beaming smile, or if an extra note has been carefully written and left on the door, I have got that on camera too.
  • On Christmas Day, if you want to avoid your flash going off or your images being blurred, make sure that present opening takes place in good light near French doors or bright windows. If not, then make sure your flash is on so you don’t miss the excitement.
  • A lovely thank you card idea for the more organised amongst you: photograph the recipient with their gift or the expressions as they open it – then make it into a post card to send the person showing them how much delight their gift gave. You do need to be very organised with your list and photos though!!
  • Take TONS of photos, digital gives you that freedom.
  • Remember to pause and check the image to make sure you haven’t got weird things in weird places!
  • Make sure you sneak up on the sleeping person(s) on their afternoon snooze and take a pic! Or perhaps a photos of the children asleep clutching their favouite gift!
  • Don’t wait until Christmas Day to get gorgeous photos of the children in front of or decorating the tree. Again don’t have them standing or sitting right next to it, move them a little way in front or off to the side so they are the main focus and the tree ‘tells the story’ in the background.
  • Silly hats should definitely be used at some stage even if it’s just on the poor dog!
  • If you want smiles, tell them a funny joke or do something really silly to make them really laugh or if you insist, avoid ‘say cheese’ ask them to say ‘smelly reindeers’ instead!
  • Remember to be in some of the photos yourself – otherwise there will lawys be someone missing in your families Chistmas Story!

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I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!