How to use my new camera

cameras-and-cake-online-photography-training-7186vcolYAY!!  That new camera you’ve been lusting after and dropping serious hints about was unwrapped on Christmas Day – now you really can take some AMAZING photos…..can’t you???!

Usually by now after watching endless re-runs of ‘The Snowman’ eating too much turkey, you pick up your camera manual and sigh.  How on earth are you going to wade through/download all that information when all you want to do is GET ON WITH TAKING PHOTOS – AMAZING PHOTOS in fact!!!!

  1. My first tip – although ‘tongue in cheek’ would be to throw away your manual (in reality just pop it somewhere safe – like underneath that wobbly table leg!)student on the coastal photography worlkshop
  2. Pick up your camera and attach the strap to it, seriously – you do not want to drop it
  3. Switch it on, lovely isn’t it!!
  4. Put a memory card in and then the CHARGED battery
  5. Pop the lens on (if it’s a dSLR)
  6. Unless you are already familiar with AV priority and ISO’s etc, switch the camera to AUTO – yes, AUTO!
  7. Start taking pictures and get used to the feel of the camera
  8. Click on this handy downloadable guide as to what some of your symbols mean/do on your camera:   Symbols and their meanings and then have a play with them
  9. STOP worrying about using all the buttons and understanding all the modes, find one or two faves and stick with those for the moment – it’s OK!
  10. Finally – book a place on one of our on-location or on-line courses so we can have you up and running in NO time at all
  11. Check the listings for some of our Camera Cafe advice clinics – they are free and all you need to buy is your cuppa

Our listings for our latest workshops and clinics will be available from 31st December 2015, so watch this space or email us to register your interest.