Photography Tips to get you started

Quick Photography Tips


Photo taken by a Cameras and Cake student

Photography can take a few moments to learn simple techniques but a lifetime to master.  It’s not about what type of camera you are using but the thought and care placed into your photo taking.  You can go from disappointment every time you look at your photos to excitement and satisfaction by beginning with these simple tips:

  • Keep your camera charged with memory spare and close to hand.
  • Take a second or two to check your image before pressing the shutter.
  • FOCUS on your subject.
  • Fill your frame, zoom in, be brave move in closer (unless you are on safari!!)
  • Be quick, some shots need speed to capture.
  • Be choosy about what is kept in the frame – sometimes just a section makes for a more creative shot.
  • Experiment, take shots at different times of day or from differing levels e.g. the floor.
  • Place your subject ‘off centre’.
  • Check the direction and source of light and adjust your position…is your shadow in the way?
  • Keep it simple.
  • Take more than one shot (children’s expressions change rapidly and you could end up with a very funny sequence of shots).
  • Try photographing something new or try out a new technique and move out of your comfort zone.


Remember, if you do what you have always done, you’ll get what you always got! Make a simple change!!

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