What is Cameras and Cake?

Cameras and Cake is a series of on-line and on-location photography training courses to help both the keen photographer and those looking to turn professional. 

Do I need a big fancy camera to get the most from these photography training masterclasses? 

No, absolutely not!  The ‘Take Better Photographs‘ masterclass has been designed to help anyone, no matter what level of camera or equipment to get more out of their cameras and take better photographs.  We have an advanced camera section which thoroughly covers the DSLR functions and skills but this will also apply to some of the more modern compacts and ‘bridge cameras’.


What time limit do I have, as I am a busy Mum/work full time and I don’t have a lot of spare time? 

For our on-line course, we have a Quick Tips section, so that you can glance through and quickly start taking better photos.  Your membership lasts a lifetime!  As busy parents also, we understand how difficult it is to fit in time during your day to simply learning.   Each section is split into smaller, easy to absorb, bite size sections.

I don’t have children, will these photography masterclasses help me?

Yes, we have designed the course, using children’s portraiture as the main example but the principles of good photography are well covered, so whatever your chosen subject, you will be able to apply the basic principles to them.

I am already a reasonably good photographer (I think!) would I benefit at all?

Take a look at our free photography tips which covers how to use natural light in more detail.  If you learn anything and you are able to apply this knowledge to improve your photos, then we think the answer will be yes – you’ll benefit.  Photography changes very quickly and we’ll also be regularly updating our blog with the latest techniques and ideas gathered from various sources around the world.  Take a look at our Convert 2 Pro course, perhaps it’s time you began making a living from your skills as a photographer?!

What masterclasses do you run?

Take a look, we run Take Better Photos for beginners, our Coastal and seasonal colour are wonderful location masterclasses, designed to give you time, opportunity and expert guidance in beautiful settings.  Our extremely popular product Photography course are aimed at the small, independent businesses who need help producing excellent photographs to sell their wonderful products on-line.

Everyone laughs at my attempts at photography, can these photography masterclasses really help?

vintage gingerbread couple with flowers uprightWe would like to think we can improve your photography by taking you through why a good photograph works. Then showing you what to look for and how to set your camera up in order to take it yourself.  Our workshops are written in a non-technical style (no ‘geek speak’ allowed!) to ensure it really is easy to understand.

I like going to a masterclass/workshop instead of learning on-line, do you offer this?

Yes!  It’s how we started!  We run 3 hour masterclasses along the lines of a coffee morning with photography training (gorgeous cakes to eat are included, hence the name!)  We are based in Hampshire, UK.

I like the sound of your Convert 2 Pro course – how quickly will I make some money from it?

Like all new businesses, you will need to structure a business plan first (which we show you how to do).  There are no guarantees about how much money you will make and how quickly, as everyone has different aims and different work philosophies and styles.  We provide you with a structure and action plan ideas, but the main hard work is down to you.  This is not intended to be a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme.

Is your ‘Take Better Photographs’  masterclass suitable for children?

It depends on the age of the child and their attention span, parts of the course will be relevant.  In our experience of teaching children, they prefer a different, activity led, style of teaching which is covered in our ‘Whipper Snappers’ On-line photography course.  This has lots of fun ideas and printouts to encourage and teach.  We find that this course is often bought as a gift and is wonderful for both parent and child to do together too!

I use my phone for most of my photographs so is phone photography covered?

Who doesn’t use their phone these days for photos?  It’s with you all the time and is so handy for quick snaps, the downside is we rarely transfer the images to our computers or print them off (the print quality isn’t great either).  We do cover phone photography in our blogs, however, if you really want to take your photography a little bit further and get more from it, we urge you to consider the ‘Take Better Photos’ course (and a new camera!)

Why should I pay for these courses when I can Google a lot of this information for free?

Our courses are aimed at the non-professional photographer, we have researched, gathered and tested all of our information on people just like you.  Yes, you can access some amazing information through Google, but we have filtered and written our masterclasses to be user-friendly, highly informative and all in ONE PLACE!   Searching for what you need (assuming you know what you need) is time consuming and not always easily available.  Plus, whats better than spending time with an actual expert there to help you as well as serve you delicious cake!? If you’re unsure, we do have a free photography tips section for you to try to see if you like the workshops we offer.

Can I buy a masterclass as a gift?

Of course, we have a wonderful gift voucher pack for all of our courses.