Cameras and Cake is a series of on-line and on-location photography training courses to help both the keen photographer and those looking to turn professional.


Checking the focus on the ramshackle cottage one last time I released the shutter and…nailed it!  Finally, after all the hours of walking the Scottish Highlands (having escaped the ‘golf widows’ lunch party) I was completely alone, in the middle of nowhere, freezing cold with just a tripod, camera and a rucksack full of filters and film.  I’d never been happier!Tina Bolton Photographer holding a camera

Fast forward 11 years to 2003, after completing several courses on darkroom printing and the art of portraiture at St Martin’s College of Art & Design, and producing two wonderful children, I set up my photography business.  Since then you will have seen my work published in The Times, The Telegraph and The Mail on Sunday as well as a range of Photography magazines including Practical Photography and Black and White Photography.  My work has been used by a number of best-selling authors such as Desmond Morris and Janey Lee Grace

25 years of solid experience and training have been poured into this site and I have successfully trained many people to either enjoy their photography more or to actually turn professional

Informative? Tick.

Helpful? Tick.

Easy to understand? Tick.

I have created a series of workshops to help you.  Through simple, uncomplicated information,  you can, at last, master your camera and take great photos.

A diverse range of students from school children, their teachers, keen enthusiasts, to parents and those wishing to become professionals have benefitted from my unique style and insights on how to improve their photography and take it to another level.  Now, you can too.

With the right level of guidance, ANYONE can learn to take better photographs for pleasure and even earn a good living from it.


My favourite (photography) related things:

  • When I can see (or hear about) those ‘light bulb’ moments when a part of learning photography has truly clicked!
  • Coaxing a wonderful smile from a reluctant child/mum/dad and capturing it in camera.
  • The amazing photographs children take when ‘let loose’ with their cameras and some ideas.
  • Seeing those wonderful expressions that simply say ‘I took that!’
  • A big, fat cuddle with a tiny newborn baby!
  • Meeting other keen photographers (professional or otherwise!)

Choices, choices..?

  • Book first or film first?  Definitely BOOK first, I prefer to let my imagination run riot and then see how well the film fits, (although I did cheat and watch The Lord of the Rings first, and I still haven’t managed the books…)
  • Sweet or Savoury?   SWEET, after all the site is called Cameras and Cake, I always LOVE a good bit of cakery, especially chocolate ones in the company of close friends!!
  • Outdoor or indoor exercise?  Outdoors whenever possible, unless it’s really hideous weather, a good bike ride or dog walk is essential to burn off all that cake!

Equipment: I still use my wonderful Canon 5D Mk 111 and Mk 1 (with my gorgeous 50mm 1.8 lens), a Fuji X-Pro 1 CSC camera, a compact Sony CyberShot, plus my Samsung smart-phone  (which has more megapixels than my CyberShot!),  in my personal and professional photography.


Enjoy the site and if you have any comments or feedback, please get in touch!!